Russian Infiltration into America’s Elections

Published first on Jay Bookman’s blog today by me:

Please cut and paste the link below for your personal files and refer to this man’s awareness of political espionage from Putin’s Russian government into arteries of the United States, which are already operating to affect the outcome of our coming election results. If Russia is successful in changing how our representatives are elected by us, we will lose our democracy. This is very important information, and we should not be playing games about this in silly partisan one-upsmanship games that are not serious in nature.

The guest’s name is Michael Carpenter and he was just on the Rachel Maddow Show this evening. He was also Maddow’s guest last night, as well. The conservatives in the NRA have been targeted to be supportive of Russian goals is only one example of what I call “American arteries.”

My suggestions to fight this Russian invasion into our nation:

(1) Do away with our Electoral College, so that each person’s vote counts and has equal weight throughout our nation.

(2) Change our election laws to reflect that no money shall be given to political campaigns other than that provided by the government, especially for presidential elections in the U. S.

(3) Do not elect Donald Trump for another 4 years in the presidency.

(4) Vote Democratic every chance you get, for the next few years.

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7 Responses to Russian Infiltration into America’s Elections

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    Can you provide a link to a transcript of the interview?

  2. Dr. Michael Carpenter was on the Rachel Maddow Show on July 14, 2017. If you google, “The Rachel Maddow Show,” and look for her broadcast of July 14th, you should be able to locate her interview with Dr. Carpenter. He was also her guest on her show on July 13th.

  3. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    It is important to shine the light of day on such infiltration attempts. Simply revealing them publicly will go a long way toward blunting their effectiveness.
    When the Communists were in power in Russia, they did much the same, although of course they used different groups and persons. Unfortunately, attempts to shine the light of day on this were smeared as “McCarthyism” and largely pushed out of public discourse. We survived anyway, so we probably don’t need to panic about the Putin version, but we do need to shine the light of day on it to blunt its effectiveness.
    It is especially concerning that Trump associates, and possibly Trump himself, are among those that the Russians are using or trying to use. It’s hard to tell whether this is significantly different from what happened with the Communists, since public discussion of that was effectively suppressed. Again, the most important thing is to shine the light of day on what is going on.
    We also need to be vigilant about evaluating proposed policies, programs, and actions on their merits. This will give us a defense against things that are against our best interests, even when we don’t see everything that’s behind them.

  4. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    A reply I posted under this thread on Sunday seems to still be in moderation. Can you moderate it or unblock it?

    • I was not aware of that. I will be sure to check it out once I am back home, later today.

      I am back home now, and I believe I have just ‘approved’ that post for you, now posted above. It had somehow been sent to the “spam” box, of which I had been unaware.

  5. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    I just saw an article in the May 29 Time magazine which said this time around the Russians can be more effective at this because they can use social media. This requires us to take social media into account in countering Russian infiltration, and it makes it all the more important to shine the light of day on what is going on and to be vigilant about both claims (are they really true?) and proposals (are they really in our interests?). Shining the light of day and being vigilant will still go a long way toward blunting the infiltration’s effectiveness.

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