Time to Check Out from “Mary Elizabeth Sings” for Awhile

I left a final message on Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jay Bookman’s blog today regarding higher consciousness, stereotypical thinking, and a farewell from me, with goodwill, to all on that blog. I will post that final entry on Bookman’s blog, below.

At the same time, I want readers of my blog, “MaryElizabethSings,” to know that I will be taking a brief respite from posting on my blog in order to complete my father’s book for publication. I will be back. Please be patient, and know that there is much to explore within my previous posts for your interest if you care to continue to read my blog, including how to improve public education, until I return, once again, to writing additional entries.

See you in the near future. Thank you for your continuing interest in the ideas and educational skills which I present in this blog.

Directly below is my farewell post to those on AJC journalist, Jay Bookman’s blog, as I posted these remarks there, earlier today:

“For Poster #1 (and any other interested reader):

You asked me the other evening what I meant by ‘higher consciousness’ especially as it was related to Thomas Jefferson. I answered you that I had tried to explain higher consciousness on this blog for years, but that I have not been able to change minds, and so I discontinued our conversation, as futile.

It is not like me to leave a blog, or a person or persons, without an explanation.
Here is what I have always meant by ‘higher consciousness’: Perceiving of others, as well as one’s self, in full complexity as a unique individual, and never as a STEREOTYPE. As one grows intellectually, one understands that it is, also, important not to see human events or ideas unfolding in stereotypical ways.

I believe that everyone who gave input regarding Thomas Jefferson, the other evening and morning on Jay Bookman’s blog, continues to see Thomas Jefferson in stereotypical ways and, therefore, does not know who he was in depth, nor in truth.

Thomas Jefferson is only the one example of seeking higher consciousness, given now. However, how people perceive of Jefferson today, both conservatives and liberals, exemplifies the danger of stereotypical thinking, of all people and of all events.

Finally, the link, below, is one of the first posts I had written in my blog, and I will leave it for you, as one of my final entries on Jay Bookman’s blog, in the hope that I can, still, impact others not to think in shallow, cliched ways. Notice the picture which I chose as the initial focus point in my entry entitled, “Danger Zone: Stereotypical Thinking,” which I wrote six years ago. The people there do not have faces because they are only outlines of generalities. That is the tragedy of lack of education, in depth, of most of today’s Americans as I see it, i.e., too many people persist in thinking of others in generalized cliches. We must not continue to do this for it will destroy our world, if we do.

I wish you, and everyone else on this blog, including Jay Bookman, Godspeed, and the pursuit of happiness, especially in the area of intellectual growth, which I call ‘higher consciousness.’ (Link to visuals on higher consciousness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqCOss4hqnE )


ADDENDUM: I ventured forth one last time on Jay Bookman’s blog to offer some ideas I had heard of how to offset the North Korean standoff with America, in order to avoid nuclear weapon use. That was a mistake. Readers of this blog may read the following, which I posted on Bookman’s blog on August 10, 2017:
“Today, I gave substantive suggestions in how to deal with North Korea without going to war. I will reenter those suggestions below because someone may begin to see the value in them and bring them up again in the future.

In trying to communicate these ideas, several male chauvinist types tried to belittle me, mock me, and disparage my credibility because I could not recall the name of the expert who had shared these ideas. I was only the vehicle for sharing them. These were essentially liberals who belittled me. I refrained from indulging in that kind of mean-spiritedness, in return, and simply stated thoughts I wished readers to consider.

As a result of having sustained and absorbed that kind of hateful and angry bombardment of emotions directed so intensely at me, my blood pressure rose to a very unsafe reading, of 180/110, and may have gone higher. This was with my medication which I have taken for years. This was the highest my blood pressure had registered in over two years. I have never mentioned this fact, but a decade ago, an MRI on my brain revealed that I also have a small anuerysm in my brain and to keep it from bursting with dire results, I HAVE to keep my blood pressure regulated well. I would be foolish, indeed, if I ever came back to this blog again to suffer that kind of humiliating verbal abuse, once again, when I was trying to help our common problem with North Korea with possible workable solutions.

I am not going to come back here, ever again, because of health reasons and because of the cruel injustice with which some posters are targeted, myself being one. I will close with my substantive suggestions earlier, in my next post, immediately following this one. Perhaps some will start to give those suggestions weight.

I wish no one ill will, and I would prefer that no comments follow my revelations here. I dislike sentimentality, and I have no doubt that, spiritually, I needed to close out my time on Jay Bookman’s blog having shared how we can literally destroy other people with hardness of heart and meanness of spirit. It’s called consciousness raising.

My post involving thoughts on how to approach the North Korean situation follows:

“Remember we must give China and North Korea some bending on our part to have them join in with the rest of the human worldwide community, in positive ways.

Here is what an esteemed political historian and analyst recommended that the U. S. attempt in this stand-off with North Korea.:
(1) Work with China, with or with out sanctions (for leverage).(2) End formally the Korean War in treaty signings.(3) Pull out American soldiers from South Korea, and in another surrounding nation (Japan).(4) Accept North Korea as a recognized nation throughout the world, and perhaps even give North Korea status in the United Nations.(5) Keep dialogue going with China so that China, together with the U. S., can shape Kim Jung On’s political trajectory which would work for the world’s security/benefit.”

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2 Responses to Time to Check Out from “Mary Elizabeth Sings” for Awhile

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    Thank you for clarifying what you mean by “higher consciousness”.
    I would add that stereotyping is a form of collectivism, since it consists of thinking of other people as members of collectives rather than as individuals.

  2. You and I agree on that. Thank you for your substantive thought, as posted on my blog, even though we do not agree on some ideas. I have appreciated a thoughtful and relaxed exchange with you in the realm of ideas.

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