The Wisdom of Andrew Young as he expressed on “Meet the Press,” August 20, 2017

Andrew Young on “Meet the Press” today, August 20, 2017, as presented by AJC columnist Jim Galloway.

Andrew Young is now age 85, but, in truth, Andrew Young always had wisdom, even as a young man. I do, however, disagree with Andrew Young regarding the Confederate statues. I believe that these statues should be removed from public squares because, in the 21st century, most Americans of all races and creeds understand that all people are born equal, as stated in the American Declaration of Independence. Andrew Young sees with a vision of love and interconnectedness among all human beings on Earth which transcends race or ethnicity. He is rare in that spiritual understanding that no one is without sin. However, people less evolved than Andrew Young spiritually may mistake the presence of these Confederate statues in the public squares across the South as suggesting that the South had a just cause in the Civil War when it did not. White supremacy is morally wrong. We are all equal sons and daughters of God. The South and the nation must move on into the 21st and 22nd centuries with enlightened spiritual understanding.

Please view Andrew Young speaking on “Meet the Press” in the below link:

Andrew Young: Don’t blame the Klan or ‘uneducated white people’

And, here is the written transcript of “Meet the Press,” on August 20, 2017:


I stated the following about this on Get Schooled blog of the AJC on August 19,2017:

“I believe these Confederate monuments – which do not simply present history but glorify the unjust cause of white supremacy – should be removed because the world is evolving continuously into higher consciousness, as I see it. Now in this 21st century, we must remove visual glorification of the unjust cause of the Civil War and slavery and a Jim Crow social system based on inequality of human beings. Teaching is one thing; glorification is another. We are now preparing our children and grandchildren to enter the 22nd century’s human consciousness in which America will have evolved to pointing the way to the world that people of all races and cultures can view each other as equals and work together to bring peace, love, and even survival to this planet. Please see my next post which will share the words of the editorial written in the Atlanta Constitution and Atlanta Journal on July 4, 1966, which embrace some of the thoughts that I have here shared. Publisher and editor Ralph McGill was still working at the Atlanta Constitution that time.”


Words closing the Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Constitution editorials on July 4, 1966:

“The American mind, on this Independence Day, is being made up. Undertaken at last is the great, neglected task of proving ‘that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable right, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’

Each coming day now yields to each American the privilege of carrying that task forward to a final vindication of the ideal for which the Revolution was fought.

Jefferson could not call a stop to the ‘execrable commerce’ (slavery) in his day. But the American people whose wisdom he trusted may now honor his faith in theirs.”

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