Thomas Jefferson: The Torch of the Statue of Liberty

From the Krugman column below:

“We can go on down the list. The simple fact is that big spending on people who ‘won’t lift a finger’ doesn’t actually happen in America — only in Hatch’s meanspirited imagination.”


One thing about Thomas Jefferson that many fail to understand, is that Jefferson did not have a “meanspirited imagination.” His imagination, like his mind, was generous-spirited and visionary. That magnanimous quality in Jefferson is what gave him the far-reaching vision to be able to write, “All men are created equal.” Jefferson gave his life and his finances to supporting himself from his own estate as he spent a lifetime in public service to create a government, as Lincoln said, inspired by Jefferson, “of, for, and by” the people. Jefferson warned us that the oligarchs and the plutocracy would take over our precious republic if we did not stay wise to them and stay two steps ahead of them. He warned us that the way to save our democracy was through educating the people to see into the machinations of these self-serving people. Jefferson’s huge spirit helped him to create an America in his mind worthy of the Declaration of Independence. Now the mean-spirited of the politicians are about to destroy the monumental work and efforts of our Founding Fathers.

Column from Paul Krugman, November 5, 2017, “New York Times,” entitled,
“Republicans Are Coming For Your Benefits”:

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