Clinton, Trump, Putin, and Sanders in America’s Presidential Election of 2016

This was my response to the article Jay Bookman published on February 19, 2018. Link:

“Nailed all the major truths in one column, Jay Bookman. Pitch perfect closing analogy in which you imply the truth which so many of us yearn to hear announced, officially, not because we hate anyone, but because we yearn for the truth unfolded soon to help in saving America.

Here is a truth many still refuse to see. Hillary Clinton was fighting a battle against 3 indomitable men to become America’s first woman president. Although I greatly admired Bernie for speaking out against what Russia (Putin) has done to try to destroy our democracy, on Sunday, it was obvious to many of us that the great divide between Sanders and Clinton damaged her politically.

She is a phenomenal woman and would have been an outstanding leader who would have embraced public service to America’s citizens and to building relationships throughout the globe. No wonder Putin wanted her gone. We must start becoming better judges of human character in a ‘fake news’ insane world.”

Who do you believe is speaking truth in the final presidential debate?

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