Where is America Heading?

MaryElizabethSings (as I posted on Jay Bookman’s blog on June 7, 2018, Link: https://politics.myajc.com/blog/jay-bookman/opinion-checks-balances/daxruXdXP8t6GW7NRaigSI/):

“As I see it and have voiced before, Trump’s blatant anti-Americanism, in combination with Obama’s previous “leading from behind” political philosophy of creating a more egalitarian world whereby one nation, such as the U.S., will no longer dominate, are together going to produce a new order in the world in which all nations will come to realize that “all are created equal” on Earth, an egalitarian concept upon which America was built.

In the 21st century and beyond, viewing others in terms of hierarchical power is going to be counter-productive for the continued existence of humankind. We will all work together as equals on this planet to solve our common problems, or we will die together as fools (of a hierarchical perception of reality). Last sentence: paraphrasing of a spiritual and philosophical vision voiced by MLK, Jr.”

Another Poster to Mary Elizabeth:

Cue Lennon’s “Imagine.”

And pass the bong.

Where has this happened anywhere in the history of planet earth?


Mary Elizabeth’s response to that poster’s comment, above:

“John Lennon wrote that when he was in kindergarten, he realized that he was different. He realized that he saw the world “in a hallucinatory way” that others did not. I understand much of the mind/spirit of John Lennon, and I have always felt myself to have seen the world in an abstract way as many others have not, from my childhood even until the present day.

That does not mean that what I see, and what Lennon saw (separately, of course), will not have validity, in time.”

Also, the below:

Mary Elizabeth Sings:

“From The NYTimes this evening at 6:41 pm:

‘. . . But rarely — if ever — has there been the kind of visceral and unanimous outrage at an American president among the nation’s most important allies, who for decades have seen the closest of relationships with the leader of the free world as a paramount foreign policy priority.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly poked his counterparts in the eye — ignoring their pleas to remain a part of the Paris climate treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact and the Iran nuclear deal, and more recently by branding their steel and aluminum industries threats to national security, and therefore subject to tariffs. . . . ‘ ”


The same poster above, asks this question of Mary Elizabeth:

“Why would you want to continue the Obama ‘Make America a Doormat’ initiative?”

Mary Elizabeth answers that poster’s question with the following comments:

“I don’t see Obama’s vision for our future world interactions to mean that he wants to make America a ‘doormat’ to other nations. I believe that Obama’s vision for America and the world would make America a moral leader of the world through the humility of ‘leading from behind.’

In the beginning of our nation’s formation, Gen. George Washington gave human beings throughput the world the model for the servant leader that Obama tried to establish. Washington, unlike every other military leader who had won a glorious military victory, did not declare himself to be ruler of America. Instead Washington resigned from power (through his democratic vision for America) and returned to his home at Mt. Vernon to become again a private citizen, and thereby won the respect of leaders throughout the world. That, too, took genuine humility.

Donald Trump is the spiritual opposite of both Obama and Washington, and he is gathering no moral authority for America throughout the world.”

In fact, Donald Trump is creating disrespect for America throughout the world.”

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  1. Nick Danger says:

    Thank you, MES!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog, Nick.

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