“God Has Already Embraced Us.”

Below are my comments in reaction to the article posted by Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist and blogger, Jay Bookman: (Link:

“Two points based on your words this morning, Jay Bookman:

(1) Bookman: ‘And who knows, maybe they’re right. It is not given us to know the mind of God, and maybe that mind is indeed that mischievous to the point of maliciousness.’

I do not know where that perception comes from, Jay, except from the depths of your own mind and experiences. This is an ongoing unfolding, and we are only in the middle of it, not the end. In the meantime, I appeal to you, as well as to all of your readers, to remember what Jesus said of his Father, God: ‘God is love.’ There is no way that love can be equated with ‘mischievous to the point of maliciousness.’ I think that, in your bitterness, you are lashing out at our Creator. Look within. He is love.

(2) Bookman: ‘If instead a blue wave washes over the country, that parade will take on a much different tone, as will Washington itself in the months and years ahead. We get to choose, and the time of that choosing is almost upon us.’

As I wrote above, this is an ongoing process in America’s spiritual and chronological history. It does not start with a ‘Blue Wave’ in November. It started with the appointment of Bush I into the presidency by the Supreme Court in the year 2000. It further unfolded with the election of Barack Obama as a reaction to the policies of George W. Bush. The American people had a critical choice to make in November of 2016, and they did not choose well when they elected Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. I had warned on your blog that that would be a perilous decision. You are correct that this particular ‘choosing is almost upon us,’ but it is only an ongoing segment in the spiritual unfolding of what America will become. That choice is ours, and it is our spiritual consciousness, not the Mind of God, that will determine our fate. God will forever be love. It is up to us to decide when we will fully embrace God. He has already embraced us.”

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1 Response to “God Has Already Embraced Us.”

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    Did you read Jay’s paragraph starting “Me, I choose to believe otherwise.”? Was he expressing something negative about “”God”, or was he satirizing the Trump-worshipers?
    Actually, the concept of “God” is so illogical that it can easily lead to bizarre results.

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