Clinton, Trump, Putin, and Sanders in America’s Presidential Election of 2016

This was my response to the article Jay Bookman published on February 19, 2018. Link:

“Nailed all the major truths in one column, Jay Bookman. Pitch perfect closing analogy in which you imply the truth which so many of us yearn to hear announced, officially, not because we hate anyone, but because we yearn for the truth unfolded soon to help in saving America.

Here is a truth many still refuse to see. Hillary Clinton was fighting a battle against 3 indomitable men to become America’s first woman president. Although I greatly admired Bernie for speaking out against what Russia (Putin) has done to try to destroy our democracy, on Sunday, it was obvious to many of us that the great divide between Sanders and Clinton damaged her politically.

She is a phenomenal woman and would have been an outstanding leader who would have embraced public service to America’s citizens and to building relationships throughout the globe. No wonder Putin wanted her gone. We must start becoming better judges of human character in a ‘fake news’ insane world.”

Who do you believe is speaking truth in the final presidential debate?

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More Workings of the Holy Spirit

My exchange with two other posters on Jay Bookman’s blog on Sunday, January 28, 2017:


“The people of America need hope and a way forward along with knowing the truth about the abyss we have fallen into under the unstable Donald Trump.

Cynicism has gotten us into this mess. It is going to require love, compassion, forgiveness to help us heal as a nation. Hateful and snarky words are not answers.”

Poster #1 in response to MES:

“That is most Dems beliefs. They get slapped on the other cheek and defeated.
Sometimes you must fight back using whatever means necessary or die.”


MES’ response to Poster #1:

“Last night I wrote to you on this blog that I see only bitterness and anger in you and that it was up to all of us to heal our own souls by practicing love and forgiveness.

I want you and everyone reading this blog to know that I was asleep but somehow the words I posted above seemed urgent for me to post now. I had not even read your angry words and link below. Nor had I read anyone’s words for hours on this blog. That was not my call. I believe it was the call of the Holy Spirit for me to post my above words, now.

I simply answered the call of the Holy Spirit to me.”

Poster#2 to MES:

“I submit that ‘cynicism’ is not really up but rather the rolls of the way people look at politics have reversed.

Do you not believe Republicans felt the same way over the 8 years of Obama and the Dems feel under Trump?

I have said it many times on this blog. The country is split in almost a 50/50 divide and eventually something has to change or we will continue in this pendulum of how the country feels.”

MES’ response to Poster #2:

“I have told you before (as well as another self-proclaimed Christian on this blog) that I do not feel the love of the Holy Spirit in your words or soul.

That is between you and God. I simply answer you truthfully as to what I observe in your words and feel regarding your hateful and angry words toward those who do not agree with you politically. No one has all the answers, including me. The best all of us can do is to allow love and forgiveness and compassion to enter our hearts, which is called the Holy Spirit.”

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More on Sexual Stereotyping

I posted these remarks on Jay Bookman’s blog on January 17, 2018:

Here was what my background held per sexuality. Remember I was born in south Georgia in 1942. There were “good” women and “bad” women. That was your choice, women. Just as your career choices were housewife, old maid teacher, or nurse. None of that kind of thinking appealed to me, and I started quietly, in my own mind, to rebel against stereotypical thinking as soon as I was conscious, which was relatively early.

Okay, in that kind of environment, here is what I observed happened to women. (Btw, I think this happened to women throughout the nation, essentially, not just in the South.)

Girls could be who they were innately born to be from the time they were born until they were early adolescents or pre-adolescents. Then, they knew that to attract a man and be considered attractive to others in general, they needed to cast a sexual allure (but not too much) by applying make-up just right, doing their hair in a stylish manner, dressing with sexual allure, but not too much, painting their fingernails and toes, and acting with a soft Southern voice, i.e. Jackie Kennedy, and not be intellectually competitive with men because men do not want to marry (bed) an assertive or aggressive woman. So they lived out this artificial role game-playing for 50 years of their lives (like faking an orgasm) until they were past menopause, somewhere around 60 years of age. At that time, women could again be who they innately were born to be because their romantic lives were pretty much over. So women became more like Katherine Hepburn or JoAnne Woodward, in their old age, wearing comfortable clothes, practical shoes, little make-up, and focused again on those things that truly interested them in life.

All I can think to analyze from this pitiful scenario, is that both men and women have been bamboozled and hoodwinked into buying into silly consciousness of what is sexually alluring. As two other posters have stated, that is an individual call. And, that fact is true within given parameters. However, I am saying that 50 years of the lives of men and women have essentially been wasted when they choose to role play who they are for sexual reasons. Women could not be who they innately were since they were spending so much time in their lives just in trying to look “hot.” Men were not able to discover intimacy in sexual relationships with real women because they had been programmed to get their sexual juices up only when they saw the sexual stereotypes of beauty, such as Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, as a sexual partner. If their real wives were not that sexually beautiful by social norms, often they turned to adultery or pornography. So, pity for the men, too. Both lost so many years chasing stereotypes of sexual images programmed by society for them, and not by being true to who they innately were meant to be and finding a partner who was, likewise, true to who he/she innately was. At least, that is how I saw it and continue to see it. What do you think? The connection to playing out and believing racial stereotypes was just as damaging to human beings. I can elaborate, if anyone desires me to do so.


I am saying that both men and women should become conscious enough to reject racial and sexual stereotyping for themselves. I am saying to be true to yourselves, men and women, and be your best self, as you perceive that to be. Then, some other conscious person will come along and be attracted to the real you, and desire you sexually, as well as like you as a friend and companion for life. These will be individual calls because people are individuals. This applies to heterosexuals and homosexuals, alike, as I see it. Be yourself, and your relationships will be real, happy, and meaningful.


Bonus: Thoughts on how women are unfairly stereotyped today, esp. Hillary Clinton, by best selling author and “The New Yorker” contributor, Malcolm Gladwell:

Those who thought that thinker, writer Malcolm Gladwell was saying that people rejected Hillary Clinton just because she was a woman were mistaken. What Gladwell was actually saying was that most people today have been programmed to accept only certain traits in women and that women leaders often do not display those traits, such as assertiveness, ego, ambition, and physical appearances that are not aligned with traditional female beauty. Most people, writes Gladwell, do not yet accept individual women as leaders who do not fit these female stereotypes. This is a discussion of great relevance for today of who/what our future leaders will be. Long accepted (and now transcended) norms of all kinds are now being questioned, for the better, imo, with a higher spiritual understanding of who individuals are.

Another poster:
Hillary Clinton lost for a number of reasons, but high up there was the fact that she was closely associated with a foreign policy establishment consensus consisting of policies that are increasingly discredited in the eyes of large parts of the electorate (perpetual war, aggressive interventions in foreign conflicts, etc.) and an economic platform based on a similar establishment consensus (trade deals, etc.).

That and the fact that she ran an absolutely terrible campaign with serious tactical miscalculations rooted in complacency and arrogance, such as opting not to campaign hard in states like Wisconsin.


Would you please just give Malcolm Gladwell 12 minutes of your time, today, by viewing the excellent interview he gives in the link I provided above? Scroll down to the bottom to view that interview. If you would do that, I think you would see this situation as involving more women who want to be themselves (just as gays want to be themselves openly in society) than simply Clinton, who was a forerunner in this movement. Who women are able to become will determine the caliber of leaders we have as women in America’s evolving future. Why cut off half of the brain or the limbs of authentic women leaders?

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Mueller, the United States, and Russia

I wrote the following on Jay Bookman’s blog on December 20, 2017:

I want Mueller to pull no punches for anyone to come up with the full truth of what happened in our 2016 election process between Putin’s Russia and the U. S., however long that may take Mueller to run that process.

I do not want him to fudge anything or to lessen the seriousness of anything. I simply want him, in the name of all that our Republic stands for, to eventually tell the total truth in this case that may or may not involve treason.

I want him to show to the world that the United States government is stronger than any world leader, U. S. or Russian, because it maintains standards of truth and integrity according to the laws and Constitution that our Founding Fathers created for this nation and for this world. The Russian government sadly lacks that legacy of democratic principles, implemented.

If, in the end, Trump has been proven not to have colluded with Russia and Putin on winning this election, then I am content and happy to accept that as fact as long as Mueller holds the truth, and nothing but the truth, as his and America’s North Star.
Another poster to MES:

“Mueller is a long-standing Republican. . . .”

My response to that poster’s comment:

“Everyone is unique. I will not stereotype anyone. Mueller has impressed me as being an American patriot who has the inner strength to stand up to Putin, Trump, and both political parties, as long as he serves his function well in connection with his role and what that role represents to the American government and to the American ideals on which our government was founded, for all time.”

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“Putin’s Revenge” – A PBS Frontline Broadcast

I first posted this on Jay Bookman’s blog on December 20, 2017:

“Go to PBS.ORG/FRONTLINE and see “The Putin Files – Putin’s Revenge.”

I just watched this on public television. This is what I took away from having watched this very informative production:

Unless Mueller hangs extremely tough on his investigation, and insists that all the truth be publicly revealed in what happened to adversely affect the 2016 United States presidential election via Russia/Putin in connection with Donald Trump, our democratic republic is going to be in grave danger of not surviving.

We can survive as a democracy, but we have all got to hang tough and insist on the virtue of absolute truth exposed to the people of this nation and this planet. If we do not do this as both Democrats and Republicans, Russia/Putin will interfere even more severely in our upcoming elections which will destroy what our Founding Fathers created almost three centuries ago on the world’s stage in behalf of human rights for all people everywhere, for all time.”


Here is the link to “Putin’s Revenge” which I described above: Watch it, please.

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The Connection Between Thomas Jefferson and Charlayne Hunter-Gault

I posted the following information on Jay Bookman’s blog on December 18, 2017:

“I need to get this in writing before I forget it. I can cut and paste it elsewhere, later.

I was watching ‘Finding Your Roots’ by Dr. Henry Louis Gates a few minutes ago. The civil rights person by the name of Charlayne Hunter-Gault , who is my age of 75, integrated one of our Southern all-white colleges during the 1960s. Many of you probably remember her. She is still alive and still an attractive, well-educated and well-spoken person.

Her great grandmother, Felicia Alexander Hunter, was the slave of a man by the name of Francis Eppes. Francis Eppes was the grandson of Thomas Jefferson by his younger daughter, Maria Jefferson Eppes, who died in her mid-20s. Francis Eppes named his one child with Maria Jefferson Eppes, Thomas Jefferson Eppes. Charlayne Hunter-Gault’s great-grandmother, Felicia Hunter, was married on the plantation of T. J. Eppes, who had no slaves, but his father, Francis Eppes had inherited some of the land of Thomas Jefferson as well has some of Jefferson’s slaves. Francis Eppes had 107 slaves, of whom one was the great-grandmother of Charlayne Hunter-Gault, as best as I can determine. I put all of this together. “Finding your Roots” stopped going backwards in history with the name of Francis Eppes, grandson of Thomas Jefferson. The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves then owned by Francis Eppes so that his son, Thomas Jefferson Eppes owned no slaves, yet Felicia Hunter still elected to marry as a free woman on the Eppes plantation. Is history complex and mysterious or not?”

Another poster to MES:
“I was watching that myself.”


MES in response to that other poster:
“Notice that Henry Louis Gates did not tell his audience the information that I have here put together from my readings. I suspect that that would have been too controversial for public knowledge at this time and Gates was smart enough to avoid that direct connection of Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Thomas Jefferson, but I would think that he would have shared that information with Hunter-Gault privately after the program was filmed, so I believe she probably knows of her connection to Thomas Jefferson.

Moreover, after the slaves of Francis Eppes were freed by law, his son, Thomas Jefferson Eppes, left with his family, without slaves, to Florida, where he became an attorney and was appointed to the Board of Directors of Florida State University. In that Thomas Jefferson died penniless, his estate was not valuable when he died, and Francis Eppes, his grandson, wanted to give back to the Jefferson estate the land that Jefferson had left to him, specifically, but that was refused. I suspect that his son, T. J. Eppes left for Florida from Virginia to make his own way, without much of an inheritance, from his father because of the penniless state of Thomas Jefferson’s estate.

I, also, suspect that Thomas Jefferson, from the grave, would be pleased that all of his slaves had been freed by the actions of Abraham Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson told his only surviving child with his wife, Martha Jefferson Randolph, to keep his slaves, as much as possible, within the Jefferson family. That is why, I suspect that Francis Eppes had so many slaves (107). He had inherited them from Thomas Jefferson’s estate. Jefferson did not want to break up slave families. I doubt Hunter-Gault realizes that fact.

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A Woman’s World

I wrote the following on Jay Bookman’s blog on December 13, 2017: (Link:

“Thanks for this column, Jay Bookman.

I think many factors are at play here with this tsunami of women across America deciding to become more assertive.

(1) The impact of Hillary Clinton’s, a woman of substance, having lost the presidential election to a male jerk like Trump is hitting the consciousness of women across the world hard. And, they have had enough of the role-playing that society throughout history has assigned to women, i.e. subordinate player.

(2) Women, as a group, seem to have more maternal instinct to nurture than dominate and the world is moving in that direction, aside from the liberation of women. Moving from dominating to nurturing will be liberating to men, also.

(3) Society is breaking through norms of all kinds and one of those is the rigid societal pressure to believe the Bible, quite literally. As women become freed as autonomous persons in their own rights, aside from their relationships with men, they feel liberated to reject certain parts of the fundamentalist Christian’s Bible while also embracing the Holy Spirit of our common Creator.

(4) Personal example to seal my points above: Yesterday I wrote a line here late in the evening, with as much dry humor, as anger, stored in my psyche. It was: ‘I am absolutely sick of the sexism of Donald Trump.’ The responses were interesting and some even caught the humor and responded with a light touch.

This, however, was the response of another poster to me upon his reading my words, above: ‘Mary Elizabeth, you need to read your Bible more. There is no way that women are going to become what you want in your lifetime.’ That intensity of his feelings and his preaching at me to be a more submissive woman has run its course with women across this planet. The time for egalitarianism for all people is at hand. And, I believe most of you will see it happen in your lifetimes, even if I don’t see the completed process in mine. There is no going back from an elevation of consciousness.”

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