Reflections on “What Is Beauty”?

Here are my reflections on what beauty entails as I posted on Jay Bookman’s blog on Sunday, April 30, 2017:

“I could write a thesis on why the misogynistic men and women of the Far Right, as exemplified through the old FOX News, glorify physical beauty in women who are their commentators – because beautiful women on the outside have Power in the world.

That kind of thinking, regarding both beauty and power, is a perversion of love. God is love.”


Two posters asserted to MES that “character,” or “intelligence,” are preferred over “beauty.”

MES responded to these two posters, thus:

“My point was that when we think in dichotomies, we automatically pit ideas, or even people, into rigid and falsely-assigned categories that are not consistent with the symphony of life, itself. An analogy: Hearing only the strings, or the horns, or the piano, and not the symphony as a whole.

Beauty, intelligence, and character can be appreciated for their own values independently of one another, or in harmony with one another.”


“The public does love physical beauty in anything, women included, but not necessarily because of the power behind that physical beauty. Some people, like myself, appreciate beauty in anything, because of aesthetics, not because of power.

Too many people are easily programmed in their thinking. I remember the days in which black people, of all shades, were considered to be ugly, even by many in the black race. Why do you think the phrase, ‘Black is Beautiful,’ was necessary to be projected upon society? Reason: To change the perceptions of the masses as to what beauty entails. And, black is beautiful, as are all of the other colors in existence.”


“Donald Trump, imo, simply wants power. He wants to be all-powerful throughout the Universe.

In mythology and in theology, Lucifer, the angel most close to God, desired to be more powerful than God. The hubris of Lucifer caused his Fall from grace to become King of Hell, or of the Underworld.

Watch that Trump’s perceptions do not take us to that Underworld with him.”

Another poster to MES:

“MES. I was thinking the other day. He used to own a beauty pageant. I think he wants to be beauty queen. Seriously.”


Mary Elizabeth Sings response to that poster:

“Trump is so psychologically perverted, imo, that he is beyond gender or sexuality. He simply glorifies in being the most powerful – whether in ruling, in wealth, or in caricatured images of beauty, as long as he can be #1 and have that power. Remember my x-rated visual image I presented of Trump through my choice of words a year ago?

He will destroy us if we fail to understand his psychology. This Cassandra is trying to let others see before it is too late.

I could write a thesis on why the misogynistic men and women of the Far Right, as exemplified through the old FOX News, glorifies physical beauty in women who are their commentators. Because beautiful women on the outside have Power in the world.

That kind of thinking, regarding both beauty and power, is a perversion of love. God is love.”


“For all readers of this (Jay Bookman’s) blog:

When I try to be pleasantly accommodating to other posters, I often miss an opportunity, as below, to present my ideas in the depth to which they deserve.

That is the reason, to some, I appear to be “condescending,” but theirs is a shallow perception of who I am and what I am about. I am a true egalitarian, not condescending to others in how I think of either myself or of others. However, my thought processes, and thus my words, must reflect the deepest I have to offer, not simply be offered as vehicles to refute the poorly-thought-through ideas of hubris seen in me by some others.

I corrected my misjudgment on how I should write on this blog in my response to PaulinNH, below, and, as a result, Paul received the quality of response which he, and others, deserved from me.”

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The Interconnection and the Mutual Survival of all Life on Earth

The below thoughts are what I wrote initially on Jay Bookman’s blog in response to his article in the following link. Link:


The people of the world seem to have a collective consciousness as well as an individual consciousness.

Brexit is the same symbol of holding to one’s own, even perhaps in being superior to others. I am not sure about the superiority. I am sure about the fear of losing one’s self-survival and the need for protecting it.

The two polarizations in which those with a spiritual or mystical ken, as I have, have thought about and weighed since childhood:

–The pull for self-survival vs. the pull toward helping our neighbors–

That philosophical dichotomy is as old as humankind, and now the world consciousness is leaning toward protecting one’s self.

The irony is that now, in the world’s evolution, we will not survive individually unless we commit ourselves to the survival of all the other life on Earth, as well as our own selves. We are that interconnected today. Some of us see that, and have seen that, for some time. Others have yet to learn it.

God truly works in mysterious ways. We do better spiritually and intellectually if we simply see what is occurring and leave the judging of others, and of ourselves, to our Creator.

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The Holy Spirit Is Within All Things

Below are the memories of a family friend who wrote this message about my dying mother (late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease ten years ago) to my brother today:

“You, my husband (and your best friend), and I visited your mother in North Georgia when she was in a nursing facility there. We were with her maybe an hour. She didn’t speak, or acknowledge our presence, although you and my husband revisited special times with her. It was a sweet/sad visit, as we were so glad to see her, but knew it would possibly be our last. It was especially sad for my husband (and your best friend since you were both 8 years old), as he had always considered her his second mother. As we left, he leaned over, kissed her on the cheek, and said, ‘I love you, Mrs. _____.’ She looked at him, and said, ‘I’ve always loved you,’ as she called him by his first name. I will never forget that.”


My words in response to my brother upon receiving the true story today of our mother when she was 85 years old (10 years ago) in the last months of her life:

“I will always treasure knowing that. Please thank our friend for sharing this story with all three of Mother’s children.

This is even more evidence, to me, that there are areas of the brain that understand much more than we know, even with severe disability. I hope more people will come to understand that fact. Also, this story of Mother’s response reinforces my belief that animals know so much more than we humans realize that they know. We need to forgo our vain and limited understanding that intelligence is everything. The Holy Spirit is in all things – humans, animals, plant life, and even within the crust of the Earth, itself. In connecting more with the Holy Spirit, we come to that realization with greater insight than through our minds, alone.”

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On the Dangers of Sexism and Racism to Our Common Future

Posted first by Mary Elizabeth on Jay Bookman’s blog, April 22, 2017:

On the danger of SEXISM and MISOGYNY to our world’s stability:

“This world does need more more stability and less craziness. That is what Hillary would have given the “world.” Instead we have the erratic and juvenile Donald Trump as our leader.

The misogynists and sexists couldn’t handle Hillary as president. She was too strong, had too much “ego,” and was too blunt for their tastes, which are the opposite of the culturally-ordained norms by which women must abide to be appreciated, norms such as humility and servitude, and nurturing of husband and children, which misogynistic men (and women) have never grown out of accepting as valid for all women. People loved the ego of Theodore Roosevelt and even of Franklin Roosevelt, but they could also see, not only the drive and ambition and leadership of these dominant men, but also their large hearts and love of humanity’s vulnerable, underneath their huge egos.

Not so, however, with Hillary Clinton or with Nancy Pelosi, because these women have egos, and insist on being their authentic selves, with their uniques capabilities, intelligence, and leadership that surpass those of most men.

Well, look where the values of misogynistic men and women have gotten America and the world today – crazy Donald Trump, the most “macho” man in this world, or so he would think.

Our values toward women MUST change. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our Stars, but in Ourselves, and our own limited perceptions of the character, in-depth, of human beings, and of ourselves. Racism will not “cut it” any longer and neither will sexism.”


Another poster’s (a male’s) response to MES:
“Karen Handel thanks you for your support.”


“I see, with complexity, people as individuals, first. Karen Handel runs a poor 3rd to JON OSSOFF’S character, intelligence, and leadership.

You, on the other hand, see people as caricatures and stereotypes, or you could not have made that statement.”


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Where Will You Come Down?

My response to the blog column of Jay Bookman, posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017 Link:



“The differences in the minds and spirits of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, in a nutshell.

Better open your eyes, fast, Republicans, and choose to vote with Democrats in the next elections in order to revitalize our floundering republic.

Read Elizabeth Warren’s latest book about Fighting the Good Fight to revitalize America’s fading Middle Class. All of these decisions are interconnected to two very different world views, from which we must, individually, choose.

We have a polarization of two worldviews, here. One is male-dominated and misogynistic, and one is egalitarian. Where will you come down? Dominating the world to gain respect, or communicating with the world to our mutual benefit?”

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“Just A Closer Walk with Thee,” – Easter, 2017

I have been to the North Carolina mountains where my paternal cousins joined together every few years since I was a toddler, over 70 years ago. My female first cousin, an ordained minister like her husband, preached to the crowds on that mountainside within the last decade, and our mutual great-grandfather, an ordained Southern Baptist preacher, had preached the same Gospel on that same mountain hillside, in 1937. He was our grandmother’s father.

The hills are as old as time, and so is the Gospel – or so it seems – and one day, what we each leave behind will ripple into eternity. I had dreamed of my great-grandfather speaking to me the night before my cousin gave her sermon, and I shared his thoughts (in my dream) with my cousin just before she had gone to the podium to preach on that same NC mountainside where he had preached to the crowds in 1937. She told me, “That is the same spiritual theme that I am about to deliver, cousin, which is: ‘There is a thin and fragile line between the living and the dead.’ My minister first cousin and I both were stunned. I had had the pressing and distinct feeling that I HAD to tell my cousin that story BEFORE she delivered her sermon, not afterwards, so I rose to tell her of it just before she rose to give her already prepared sermon to the crowd on that NC mountainside, so beloved by our family.

Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Celebrate that truth tomorrow, with me, if you will. I hope I can keep the words and melody of this song close at hand as I complete my life on Earth, and as I transition from this Earth into God’s Holy Spirit for eternity.

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Good Friday Reflections on America’s and this world’s future with Donald Trump as president

Once more I will bring up the thought that God works in very mysterious ways, which seems especially apt on Good Friday, 2017.

The world seems to recognize that America is at its most vulnerable with a man of Donald Trump’s sensibilities at its helm.

Perhaps, ironically, with the world and most Americans seeing that America – the previous moral leader of this world, at least in its aspirations – has fallen so low, that this will bring forth a world community which will understand that humanity must work together to save not only American influence in the world (with its best tenets and not its worst instincts) but humanity, itself.

President Obama did all that he could to bring the world to the recognition that world peace, today, can only be achieved through communion and communication, not through war and division.

With Donald Trump as America’s president, that reality becomes painfully obvious. Thanks be to God and His Holy Spirit.

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