Harmony, and even Love, Among All People on Earth, Starting with America

Thomas Jefferson, 2 and 1/2 centuries ago wrote that slavery was wrong and that God would not be merciful for America’s actions in that regard (“Notes from Virginia,” paraphrased).  Jefferson, like all of our Founding Fathers, wanted America to make every human being free, in time.  However, Jefferson did not believe that that the races would be able to live in harmony with one another (in part, because of the injustices already having been inflicted upon black people in America) so his solution was to free the slaves and send them to another part of the world, such as to a nation in Africa.

Almost a century after that, Abraham Lincoln gave his life so that the ideals of this nation, of freedom and self-government for every human being, might survive as a model for this world to emulate. However, before the Civil War began, Lincoln, also, believed that the races could not exist together, and he, also, had weighed the possibility of sending freed slaves back to Africa.  Later, Lincoln grew in consciousness beyond thinking in terms of exporting black people from America.

In America, today, we can see that we must, together, show the world how the different races and ethnic groups can live and work together in harmony, as a fulfillment of the American experiment and the American dream.  Moreover, our world has become so global, with refugees and jobs moving people of all cultures and races to all parts of the globe, so that time has finally made the people of this Earth understand that we were meant to rise to the consciousness of seeing that ALL people have been created equal by their Creator. We must start to see into the souls, not the skins, of our neighbors, and we must realize that, on the deepest levels, we are all alike in our humanity.  We must work that truth through here, and demonstrate to the world, that harmony and even love, can exist among all races and cultures living together in the same nation.  Jefferson and Lincoln played their parts in their eras in this ongoing evolution of consciousness, and now we must play ours.

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On the Donald Trump Phenomenon and the Presidential Election of 2016

I posted these comments first on Jay Bookman’s blog, of the Atlanta Journal Constitution on September 16, 2016:

One of the greatest cons in the history of American politics is Donald Trump himself.  The Breaking News on MSNBC is that Donald Trump is now stating:  “I am not ready yet to announce whether I believe President Obama was born in the U.S.”

People should be disgusted with this man’s ego and constant  seeking of media attention.  He loves the fight, the drama, and the attention and will always have these things surrounding him.

I see a correlation to many of the posters on this blog, right or left.  They love the fight, the drama, and the attention.

We must invest more in our government run public education so that more people will become disgusted, as I am, with all of that superficial nonsense.  Politics is philosophy and affects the future of mankind.  It was not designed to have a grand time with, watching the demise of this great nation.


Hillary Clinton just now:  “Donald Trump has been playing into the worst elements of our nation, including racism.  President Obama was born in the United States, plain and simple, and Donald Trump owes him and the American people an apology.”

Hillary Clinton is the opposite of Trump in character.  Vote for her in masses.


Poster # 1: We must invest more in our government run public education 

Just the facts ma’am……….
Americans overall are better educated than they were a quarter-century ago, and this change also has had a profound impact on the composition of the two parties. The share of voters who have a college degree or more education has increased by 10 percentage points since 1992, from 23% to 33%. Better-educated voters are increasingly identifying as Democrats.

 Since 1992, the share of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters with at least a college degree has increased sharply, from 21% to 37%. Among Republicans, 31% have at least a college degree, up only slightly from 28% in 1992. As a consequence, a greater proportion of Democrats than Republicans now have a college degree or more education. 

– Pew Research


Mary Elizabeth’s response to Poster #1:

Notice that it is the better educated Democratic voters who are voting for Hillary, not Trump.  Your facts back up my contention.

Jefferson knew what we both know, 2 and 1/2 centuries ago, regarding the necessity of investing in an educated populace in order to sustain our democratic republic. Educated voters simply cannot pull that voting lever for demagogues, charlatans, and con men.



I hope all of the readers of this blog have noticed how the citizens who are speaking for Donald Trump at his press conference are all white, middle aged, men.

Please believe me that this presidential contest is a battle between the sexes.  Some men, like Donald Trump, think power is only contained within their small hands.  Insecure men.

Do not let our nation disintegrate into that kind of anachronistic thinking.  It is dangerous for our world, which is evolving organically in the opposite direction.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that this election is about keeping the first woman from becoming president.

We need as many aware men and enlightened men and women to vote for Hillary not because she is a woman but because she is the best candidate for president, by far, in this election.

Forces that tried to keep Obama, the first black male, from securing the presidency and then from becoming the outstanding president he has become, are the same forces who are trying to keep Hillary Clinton, a woman not afraid to be her authentic self beyond sexual stereotypes, from becoming President of the United States.

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Balancing Power and Humanity

The remarks below were posted in response to the following thread on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution educational blog, “Get Schooled”:

MaryElizabethSings :

My suggestion at the time was that the school’s officer should not have forced the student out of her desk with such force, but that he should have slid the desk with her in it out into the hallway, outside of the room, closed the classroom door so that the teacher could have retained control of her classroom, and simply left the rebellious student in her desk alone in the hallway. Then, he should have walked away leaving that situation in the hands of the principal to make the next call – probably suspension from school for a few days.


 Poster #1


Poster #2
She had already defied an administrator at the scene.  The officer was removing her from the scene of the disturbance.

I realize that the officer was removing her from the scene of the disturbance and that the student had already defied an administrator at the scene.

What I suggested was a different approach to HOW the officer could have removed her that would not have been so violent.  The officer was fortunate that that kind severe force did not result in a life-altering body injury to that student.

In my suggestion, he could still have removed her from the others in the classroom by simply sliding the desk (and her in it) outside of the room and the teacher could have regained control and continued with her lesson.  The student would be in the hallway outside of her room.  If, then, the student had gotten out of her desk to leave the general area or to reenter the classroom (hopefully the teacher would have locked her door, though), she could have been removed bodily without the obstruction of a desk between the officer and the student.  The authority of the principal’s ruling, probably suspension, would have stood firm, as with any other student who is suspended from school for a certain amount of time.


 Poster #4:

Sorry, but when a law enforcement officer give you a direct, lawful order, you are required to comply.  There is no “negotiating”.  YouTube is full of videos of police officers instructing a driver to “step out of the car” and when they refuse to comply, they are removed by force.

Maybe schools should do a few classes in Civics on how to respond appropriately to law enforcement officers.

Maybe the teacher should have been more understanding of why this student was having such a bad day….  {{heavy sarcasm}}


Unless one is totally obsessed with power, then I believe that my suggestion was the most rational and most effective suggestion presented.  I have worked in schools for 35 years.  My way would have maintained control for the teacher, asserted that the teacher and/or principal has the ultimate power, and not brutalized the sensibilities of the offending student nor the students observing how authority is used.

Perhaps, police should begin questioning their own practices to insure that humanity is balanced with the need for control.

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In Honor of my Husband

This selection is meant to honor my second husband who worked for 42 years of his life, straight up, before he died at age 60, in 2007.  Our daughter was 25. He was a French immigrant who had served in the U. S. Navy for 3 years.  He had been the first state sales manager for Georgia for an Italian wine distributor when we were first married.  He, later, owned his own business for 5 years of salad dressings he had created himself, via his recipes, and had sold his salad dressings up and down the East Coast until one corporation bought out another and his products were cut out in the process.

The last 17 years of his life he had labored in retail for various grocery corporations, first as a wine steward, and then in other areas.  He coped with that tedium by changing jobs or companies about every two years.  At the end of his life, Walmart would not allow a transfer, even with his doctor’s statement of need, so my husband had enough pride and strength to go out and get a full time job at Home Depot when he was 60 years old.  He had gone into his last WalMart store to finalize paperwork before moving on to Home Depot when he had his major stroke on the floor of that WalMart store just before he had signed those papers.  He died 3 days later in the hospital, having lost all consciousness after 12 hours.  He was completely physically and emotionally worn out.  But, he never gave up.  Home Depot’s management were so impressed with him that they sent him a beautiful bouquet of flowers for his funeral, as did his fellow workers at WalMart, with many notes included.  He had a joy for life, but not the education to have fulfilled his dreams and his capabilities, but he worked until the end of his life for our daughter and for me.  There was something artistic in his nature, but he did not enjoy theater as much as I did.  Once, we three had gone to see Marcel Marceau in Atlanta and he fell asleep and snored to our child’s and my amusement in the balcony.  But, my husband did love the musical, “Les Miserables,” and bought a recording of it that he would play in his beautiful truck, which he loved.  This song is to honor this outstanding and classy man whom I was fortunate enough to have in my life for 29 years, and 30 St. Patrick’s Days spent together, celebrating.

This song captures his love and his spirit as both husband and father. How pleased I am to present him to this viewing audience, via this song from “Les Miserables.”


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Evolution of the Dixiecrats Democrats, to the Southern Republicans, to the post 2016 election Republicans in the South

In response to Jay Bookman’s Sunday column of August 10, 2016, I responded, thus:

I also read Jay Bookman’s column in the Sunday paper version today.  Here is my take:

Bookman sees and writes through the eyes of the scientist.  I see and write through the eyes of the mystic.

He deduces through mental logic.  I conclude through understanding spiritual transformation.

Bookman is partly rightly, imo, and partly wrong.

The Republican Party in the South is simply the old Dixiecrat Democratic Party in the South, changed somewhat through time transformation.  The South, and the nation, are changing from within.  Thus, one does not need to compartmentalize the Southern Republicans to the South, only, and have the mainstream GOP turn itself into another political party in the rest of the nation.

The South has always had a strong spiritual base, and much of that has been based on suffering, especially of the black Southerners, but also of the poverty of the region for all Southerners.  Nevertheless, spiritual values dominate in the South in the deepest resources of its people’s souls.  The Republican Party of the South is going to be transformed, as I see it, by Southern blacks, Southern young people, and Southern women, the healing agents for the Republican Party, which will remain whole, throughout the nation including in the South. Thus, the Republican Party in the South will remain being called the Republican Party, but the Trump-based Republicans in Georgia will die out or be transformed in soul, themselves, from within.

Trump has been God’s ironic agent to speed up this natural spiritual evolution of the present day spiritual limitations of the Tea Party Republicans and of the present day Main Stream Republicans to become one in the spirit with the spirit of God and of humanity.  The new Democratic Party of Georgia will help to transform all of the people of Georgia, including Georgia’s Republicans, into this more egalitarian spirit. Ironically, though he may not realize this, Jay Bookman has been a part of this spiritual evolution of transforming the soul of the South, both Democrats and Republicans, through his progressive opinions, shared throughout this state, over many years.


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The Changing South in the 21st Century

Here are my reflections on Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s blogger and columnist, Jay Bookman, on the morning of August 13, 2016:


Good Morning to all.  Someone else may have had this same thought, but I want to share it anyway.

It seems to me that with the phenomena that has become Donald Trump, the Old South is finally going to release itself from its own bondage.  LBJ said that with the passage of the Civil Rights Act into law, the Democrats would lose the solid South for a generation or more.  He was right, of course, but he knew that he was fostering the greater long-ranged good for all of the South, and all of the nation, by passing that act into law, which JFK had begun.

Now, with Trump, the polls are showing that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Trump in Virginia, NC, Georgia, Florida, and I think Louisiana.  South Carolina, the home state of the beginning of the Civil War, has Trump, now, only 2% points higher than Clinton, 44% to 42%.

Thus, when the solid South breaks up into majority Democratic states for the November election, it will have saved itself from its own tragic history over centuries, and though it will no longer be the Solid South, it will become one with the rest of the nation and the world in no longer playing the part of rebel, in days to come, under Hillary as our leader, as I see it.


Poster #1’s reponse:

MaryElizabethSings: Thus, when the solid South breaks up into majority Democratic states for the November election

I will believe the South has changed after several election cycles after 2016.

Mary Elizabeth responds:

The changing demographics of the South will ensure that it will no longer be labeled, “The Solid South.” The older white Southern male who has kept the South “solid” – by either the Dixiecrat Democratic or the present Republican label – for generations of paternalism is dying out.  Trump’s highly dramatic entrance onto the stage at this particular time simply highlights what would have happened later, anyway.  A figurative revolution of Southern consciousness rather than an expected evolution of Southern consciousness, as I observe it to be.  Trump  is making lemonade for the South out of lemons, inadvertently.



Poster #1 responds, again:

I know my town.  Most of them are Rs and so are their spawns.

I figured so is most of the South.  Some of them are disgusted by Trump and they will revert back to where they were.  Hope i am wrong but I don’t see it.


Mary Elizabeth responds:

“God works in mysterious ways, His glory to behold.”  Even when white Southerners were hating on MLK Jr. in Southern society in the 1950s and 1960s, deep in the spiritual resources of their individual souls, they knew MLK was spiritually right.

Thus, MLK fostered the evolution of the spirit of humankind in the nation and in the South, and in the world, faster than it would have been over much more time.  Ditto Lincoln and ditto FDR and Eleanor, ditto JFK/LBJ, ditto in the inverse, Donald Trump.

Poster #2 responds:

Yep. Will take several more elections before the Ds are really competing in the south. Take Trump out of the equation and it would be close or the same as we have seen for years.

It will come but the Trump phenomena has it appearing closer than it actually is in reality.


Poster #3 responds:

 The demographics they are a changin’.


Poster #2 responds:

Yes however as far as 2016 is concerned if you take out Trump the chances are slim that HC is competing in some of these states

Probably still ahead in the national polls if it had been any other R but not as close as she is in the polls of a few southern states outside of FL, VA and maybe NC

GA and SC seem to be polling close but I contend it has little to do with HC and more to do with Trump.


Poster #3 responds:

 No doubt, but as the old whiteys die off, things will change. Currently mentoring a millennial, and have been most impressed – there’s lots of hope ahead.


Mary Elizabeth responds:Ironically, as the black people and other minorities further integrate the South, in terms of being its leaders and not simply its underclass, these minorities will ensure that the original ideals and tenets of the American soul, as exemplified in the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution, will continue, but not just for the white, elite male, but for all people, everywhere – in the South, in the nation, and throughout the world.  Welcome to the 21st Century!  Ain’t God grand?!




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Shining a Light on Truth

I posted these thoughts originally on Jay Bookman’s blog, on August 11, 2016:

Sometimes one has to choose.  Take me with humility.  I value humility.  I simply value truth more. Thus, given the parameters of my particular personality, giving allegiance to truth makes humility become my sacrificial lamb.

Earlier this morning I posted here that I could no longer bear listening to Donald Trump’s voice and turned off my TV when his presence was in my home, figuratively.  Trump is so full of lies that I cannot tolerate him, now, to the point of even hearing his voice.

Last night I watched the documentary on PBS about LBJ’s life. LBJ’s admirable presidential tenure – during the first two years of his presidency with passage into law of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, and his War on Poverty and Great Society visions –  turned sour with his handling of the Vietnam War. Lyndon Johnson, who had been the consummate politician of persuasion, had to made a choice. That choice would be whether to persuade the American public of the “success” of that war through persuasive lies, or to tell the American people the truth – that we were losing that war and we should pull out. In telling the American people lies about Vietnam, LBJ left office a defeated man.  Those lies, he had made himself believe for what he thought was for the greater good, eventually killed him.  His failure in his decision-making regarding that war, and his lies, took its toll on his spirit and his body.  Lies do kill. He was dead within 5 years of leaving office, and the Vietnam War was over shortly, thereafter, ironically.

Eventually, truth will prevail, as will love, thanks be to God. We must sacrifice what we must to shine a light on both, always.  They both foster life.

Another poster:

Make no apologies, Mary Elizabeth! False humility is not truth, and if you value truth, then never pretend to it.

My response to that poster:

I well know that false humility is not truth, and that is why I never fake humility, just to please others.  I value truth too much to do that.

Thank you for your post which allows me to be even clearer.  Btw, truth and love both foster life, and that is why we must ever shine the light on both.

Donald Trump, imo, has neither truth, humility, nor love within his spirit and we must be ever vigilant in exposing that fact.  His spirit would not bring life, but death, if not of the body then of the American spirit, to the presidency.

Finally, I believe eventually that truth and love will foster communion more than competition in humankind.


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