The Wisdom of Andrew Young as he expressed on “Meet the Press,” August 20, 2017

Andrew Young on “Meet the Press” today, August 20, 2017, as presented by AJC columnist Jim Galloway.

Andrew Young is now age 85, but, in truth, Andrew Young always had wisdom, even as a young man. I do, however, disagree with Andrew Young regarding the Confederate statues. I believe that these statues should be removed from public squares because, in the 21st century, most Americans of all races and creeds understand that all people are born equal, as stated in the American Declaration of Independence. Andrew Young sees with a vision of love and interconnectedness among all human beings on Earth which transcends race or ethnicity. He is rare in that spiritual understanding that no one is without sin. However, people less evolved than Andrew Young spiritually may mistake the presence of these Confederate statues in the public squares across the South as suggesting that the South had a just cause in the Civil War when it did not. White supremacy is morally wrong. We are all equal sons and daughters of God. The South and the nation must move on into the 21st and 22nd centuries with enlightened spiritual understanding.

Please view Andrew Young speaking on “Meet the Press” in the below link:

Andrew Young: Don’t blame the Klan or ‘uneducated white people’

And, here is the written transcript of “Meet the Press,” on August 20, 2017:


I stated the following about this on Get Schooled blog of the AJC on August 19,2017:

“I believe these Confederate monuments – which do not simply present history but glorify the unjust cause of white supremacy – should be removed because the world is evolving continuously into higher consciousness, as I see it. Now in this 21st century, we must remove visual glorification of the unjust cause of the Civil War and slavery and a Jim Crow social system based on inequality of human beings. Teaching is one thing; glorification is another. We are now preparing our children and grandchildren to enter the 22nd century’s human consciousness in which America will have evolved to pointing the way to the world that people of all races and cultures can view each other as equals and work together to bring peace, love, and even survival to this planet. Please see my next post which will share the words of the editorial written in the Atlanta Constitution and Atlanta Journal on July 4, 1966, which embrace some of the thoughts that I have here shared. Publisher and editor Ralph McGill was still working at the Atlanta Constitution that time.”


Words closing the Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Constitution editorials on July 4, 1966:

“The American mind, on this Independence Day, is being made up. Undertaken at last is the great, neglected task of proving ‘that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable right, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’

Each coming day now yields to each American the privilege of carrying that task forward to a final vindication of the ideal for which the Revolution was fought.

Jefferson could not call a stop to the ‘execrable commerce’ (slavery) in his day. But the American people whose wisdom he trusted may now honor his faith in theirs.”

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Our Nation and Our World Are in Danger

I wrote the following on Jay Bookman’s blog on August 16, 2017: (Link:

“I’m going to break my silence this one time in spite of my health difficulties, but I humbly ask that no one respond to my comments in a personal way to me. However, please feel free to discuss my ideas, without personal attacks or praise toward me. Our precious republic is in jeopardy, so I must speak. My life has been about education, and I cannot fail to say this:

(1) I grew up in the Jim Crow South where many liberals, on this blog, did not grow up and, as a result, they may not perceive, in the depth that experience brings, my following thoughts, expressed. Moreover, many conservatives, on this blog, who did grow up in the Jim Crow South, as I did, may not yet have spiritually transcended the mindset of Jim Crow’s injustice, as reflected in the content of some of the posts entered on this blog.

Jim Crow was sustained in that horribly inhumane South through VIOLENCE going back for generations, and I mean violence toward black AND white people who supported black people as equal human beings. Most white people seemed, to me, in that time and place, to be cowardly because they would not break the social norms of condoning Jim Crow segregation and white supremacy by speaking up for the human rights of all people. However, many of these white, silent Southerners would not speak up for human rights for black people, consciously or subconsciously, because of their fear that breaking long-held social norms could lead to their being killed. I am not exaggerating.

(2) Now, that fear, anger, hatred, and white supremacy have spread, like slavery might have spread in our nation without the Civil War’s end result, and like a cancer spreading throughout our beloved nation. That is how Donald Trump got elected. Violence is at the heart of the success of that mindset/consciousness.

(3) Violence shown in return to the violence demonstrated by racists (and sexists) to people of color (and to women) will never solve this horrible problem. This problem represents the worst of the “devils” in our collective natures, based on hate, fear, and anger. As the American prophet Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tried to show us and tell us, only love can overcome hate and bring us, all, up to reach the “better angels,” in our natures, spiritually.

(4) The corruption, materialism, and greed in America today are the direct result of the worldly economic vision of Alexander Hamilton. The democratic vision of Thomas Jefferson for America and this world still stands in counterposition to that of Alexander Hamilton. Thank God for Jefferson’s vision, which would not be bent by Hamilton’s equal brilliance in understanding or we would not, in America today, even have the opportunity to reach our “better angels.” Jefferson’s vision, imo, represents the everlasting soul of America more than its power, and I believe Jefferson, himself, realized that when he lived. That is why he battled the vision of Hamilton’s economic and worldly power so that that Hamilton’s vision would not dominate what America would become. The words on Jefferson’s tombstone, which he wrote and specified that ‘not one word more be added,’ proclaims his thoughts for what is valuable for America for all eras. (If the reader would like to understand the mind and spirit of Thomas Jefferson in depth more than in a shallow, bumper-sticker, stereotypical way, I suggest taking the time to read the scholarly book of Thomas Jefferson, just published, by Rice University Jefferson scholar, Dr. John B. Boles. Dr. Boles, with cool-headed analysis, gives Jefferson’s assets and flaws. Read about what I have explained regarding Jefferson’s vision versus Hamilton’s vision for our great nation, which is still being played out, on pages 224 – 228 of that book, entitled, “Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty.”) Some of you may be surprised to learn that it was President Franklin Roosevelt who, ironically (considering his many federal programs to aid Americans), was the driving force in creating the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

It is PAST TIME for the democratic ideals of Thomas Jefferson for America to assert more authority in the world than the power ideals of Alexander Hamilton, though there remains a place for Hamilton’s economic ideas regarding Capitalism to serve one’s self and the world’s economy, as long as the soul of America, as expressed by Thomas Jefferson, continues to exert the moral authority for America for the world to a greater degree than the power authority envisioned by Hamilton for America. That cannot happen with authentic passion unless Americans understand both Founding Fathers, as they were, in full.

(5) In my humble opinion, Donald Trump is a danger to this nation’s survival, and to all of the people of this nation and of this world. I believe that he is a victim of his Nazi-leaning upbringing by his father, as well as a victim of the mental illnesses of Bipolar Disease and Narcissism. We cannot allow this sick man to destroy our nation, not only for Americans, but to destroy what our nation represents to people throughout the planet as a beacon of light for peace, love, and communion for working through our common problems with reason and compassion.”

Also please watch this video from Jay Bookman’s blog post of yesterday, to see what happened in Charlottesville, VA, in graphic and frightening detail:

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CODA, until I return, for Inspiration

Today, August 4, 2017, AJC educational journalist Maureen Downey highlighted the thoughts of beginning teacher, Genetta Reeves, on her blog, “Get Schooled.” Below is the link to Ms. Downey’s article, and following the link are my words in response to my listening to the video of Miss Reeves’ thoughts upon entering an educational career.



“The words of teacher Genetta Reeves, from the video, above:

‘When passion meets purpose, . . . my quality of life has increased immensely.’

‘I cannot live my life based on how much money I am going to make. I need to be happy in what I’m doing and in my profession.’

‘I really do care.’


Genetta Reeves is a person who was born to be a teacher. Teaching, and love for it, is as much a gift or a calling as it is a skill.

The business mind will never really understand the view of life that motivates teachers. It has never been money. It has always been answering that question of “Why are we here?” Finding your gift, if that is teaching, and going for it with all that is in you, the need to serve and the need to see life flourish, not only with plants but with human beings.

Let us, as we appreciate the gifts that teachers have to offer society, acknowledge that English, history, and the arts are equal in value to science and math. All excellent teachers will probe the question of WHY with their students in their particular disciplines. English, history, and the arts build the understanding of human nature in depth. The world needs that understanding as much as it needs how to build rockets and bridges. We need more bridges to understanding ourselves and others throughout the planet.

Miss Reeves will be an outstanding math teacher and she will affect positively the lives of thousands of students in the course of her career, as well as the families of those students, and she will be happy and blessed in her chosen profession, as I was.”


And, on August the 5th, the story of first year teacher, Reginald Hairston, on “Get Schooled” through the following link:

My responses:

(1) “I regret that my thoughts regarding the spiritual element of education, which I see reflected in the beings of both Ms. Reeves and Mr. Hairston, were not allowed to be shown to the general public, but only to myself. I regret this not for myself, but for the perceptions shared, which I believe would have further shown the direction that public education in Georgia should seek.”


Number 2 was not published on “Get Schooled” for the general public, but only for my eyes:

(2) “Another person who will be a gift to students, their families, and to education in Georgia. Both Mr. Hairston and Ms. Reeves, from the previous thread, are well-stated young people (yes, 39 is still young) who have a passion to work with students and to foster the growth of each of their students.

I will always believe that education and teaching have a spiritual element of no particular creed but which have a connection with the eternal force of love and belief in the inherent value of every living thing, including every student.

And, yes, I will always see the vision and the words of Thomas Jefferson coming through that spiritual vision of humankind. Jefferson knew that our democratic-republic could not survive without a well-educated populace, through public schools paid for by the taxes of every citizen. This was not a for-profit model for educational growth, but a service model.

My plea is that the populace will come to understand that education can never be controlled by the corporate, business world, or mind, whose focus is on profit, not service.”

(3) “Maureen, thank you for this series of interviews of these outstanding first year teachers. I am impressed and gratified to hear their voices and their thoughts. I, myself, did not become a teacher until I was 27 years old, having spent my early and mid twenties working for New York University and earning credit there for my bachelors’ degree in English. I have believed that that life I led in NYC in the Village enhanced my understanding of others and of life, itself, in depth, and, thus, made me a better classroom teacher for 35 years in Georgia, than I would have been without those years of learning and working outside of education before I graduated from college in NYC at age 27.”

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Time to Check Out from “Mary Elizabeth Sings” for Awhile

I left a final message on Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jay Bookman’s blog today regarding higher consciousness, stereotypical thinking, and a farewell from me, with goodwill, to all on that blog. I will post that final entry on Bookman’s blog, below.

At the same time, I want readers of my blog, “MaryElizabethSings,” to know that I will be taking a brief respite from posting on my blog in order to complete my father’s book for publication. I will be back. Please be patient, and know that there is much to explore within my previous posts for your interest if you care to continue to read my blog, including how to improve public education, until I return, once again, to writing additional entries.

See you in the near future. Thank you for your continuing interest in the ideas and educational skills which I present in this blog.

Directly below is my farewell post to those on AJC journalist, Jay Bookman’s blog, as I posted these remarks there, earlier today:

“For Poster #1 (and any other interested reader):

You asked me the other evening what I meant by ‘higher consciousness’ especially as it was related to Thomas Jefferson. I answered you that I had tried to explain higher consciousness on this blog for years, but that I have not been able to change minds, and so I discontinued our conversation, as futile.

It is not like me to leave a blog, or a person or persons, without an explanation.
Here is what I have always meant by ‘higher consciousness’: Perceiving of others, as well as one’s self, in full complexity as a unique individual, and never as a STEREOTYPE. As one grows intellectually, one understands that it is, also, important not to see human events or ideas unfolding in stereotypical ways.

I believe that everyone who gave input regarding Thomas Jefferson, the other evening and morning on Jay Bookman’s blog, continues to see Thomas Jefferson in stereotypical ways and, therefore, does not know who he was in depth, nor in truth.

Thomas Jefferson is only the one example of seeking higher consciousness, given now. However, how people perceive of Jefferson today, both conservatives and liberals, exemplifies the danger of stereotypical thinking, of all people and of all events.

Finally, the link, below, is one of the first posts I had written in my blog, and I will leave it for you, as one of my final entries on Jay Bookman’s blog, in the hope that I can, still, impact others not to think in shallow, cliched ways. Notice the picture which I chose as the initial focus point in my entry entitled, “Danger Zone: Stereotypical Thinking,” which I wrote six years ago. The people there do not have faces because they are only outlines of generalities. That is the tragedy of lack of education, in depth, of most of today’s Americans as I see it, i.e., too many people persist in thinking of others in generalized cliches. We must not continue to do this for it will destroy our world, if we do.

I wish you, and everyone else on this blog, including Jay Bookman, Godspeed, and the pursuit of happiness, especially in the area of intellectual growth, which I call ‘higher consciousness.’ (Link to visuals on higher consciousness: )

ADDENDUM: I ventured forth one last time on Jay Bookman’s blog to offer some ideas I had heard of how to offset the North Korean standoff with America, in order to avoid nuclear weapon use. That was a mistake. Readers of this blog may read the following, which I posted on Bookman’s blog on August 10, 2017:
“Today, I gave substantive suggestions in how to deal with North Korea without going to war. I will reenter those suggestions below because someone may begin to see the value in them and bring them up again in the future.

In trying to communicate these ideas, several male chauvinist types tried to belittle me, mock me, and disparage my credibility because I could not recall the name of the expert who had shared these ideas. I was only the vehicle for sharing them. These were essentially liberals who belittled me. I refrained from indulging in that kind of mean-spiritedness, in return, and simply stated thoughts I wished readers to consider.

As a result of having sustained and absorbed that kind of hateful and angry bombardment of emotions directed so intensely at me, my blood pressure rose to a very unsafe reading, of 180/110, and may have gone higher. This was with my medication which I have taken for years. This was the highest my blood pressure had registered in over two years. I have never mentioned this fact, but a decade ago, an MRI on my brain revealed that I also have a small anuerysm in my brain and to keep it from bursting with dire results, I HAVE to keep my blood pressure regulated well. I would be foolish, indeed, if I ever came back to this blog again to suffer that kind of humiliating verbal abuse, once again, when I was trying to help our common problem with North Korea with possible workable solutions.

I am not going to come back here, ever again, because of health reasons and because of the cruel injustice with which some posters are targeted, myself being one. I will close with my substantive suggestions earlier, in my next post, immediately following this one. Perhaps some will start to give those suggestions weight.

I wish no one ill will, and I would prefer that no comments follow my revelations here. I dislike sentimentality, and I have no doubt that, spiritually, I needed to close out my time on Jay Bookman’s blog having shared how we can literally destroy other people with hardness of heart and meanness of spirit. It’s called consciousness raising.

My post involving thoughts on how to approach the North Korean situation follows:

“Remember we must give China and North Korea some bending on our part to have them join in with the rest of the human worldwide community, in positive ways.

Here is what an esteemed political historian and analyst recommended that the U. S. attempt in this stand-off with North Korea.:
(1) Work with China, with or with out sanctions (for leverage).(2) End formally the Korean War in treaty signings.(3) Pull out American soldiers from South Korea, and in another surrounding nation (Japan).(4) Accept North Korea as a recognized nation throughout the world, and perhaps even give North Korea status in the United Nations.(5) Keep dialogue going with China so that China, together with the U. S., can shape Kim Jung On’s political trajectory which would work for the world’s security/benefit.”

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Understanding Others With Depth

I just posted the following on AJC journalist Jay Bookman’s blog. I hope my words are insightful to others who may read my blog. What I am saying here, in part, is not to read others, nor one’s self, in stereotypical ways, but with depth.

“I learned much yesterday. I hope many of you did, also.

Once, I told Jay Bookman that he thought in shallow ways when he was lecturing me on how I post on his blog. His response, “And, I have to live with that, MES.”

This is what many of you, like Jay Bookman, may not know about me unless you understand others in depth:

I was told yesterday by a poster that, “All you do is lecture when you come on here (like now, I suppose) and that is disgusting. You should use more satire so that people will pay more attention to you, which is what you want.”

(1) I lecture mainly because I cannot abide the personal pettiness that others engage in constantly on Bookman’s blog, so that I do not want to engage others here (on Bookman’s blog), but I do want to share what I know of life.

(2) I lecture mainly because I cannot abide the mean-spiritedness which is acceptable on this blog, which is often enhanced by “satire.”

If these two points make me appear to feel superior, then I can live with that much easier than I can live with indulging in personal pettiness and mean-spiritedness through personal exchanges here. My goal has never been, on this (Bookman’s) blog, to win as many friends as I could, but always to state truth as I see it, which I have just done.

I’ll be back later, even if it is days later. Have a good day. It is a lovely day – God’s creation.”

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MICE = Code for being recruited to be a Russian asset, even if unknown. MONEY, — , CONTACTS, EGO (Can’t recall the “I” meaning)

Journalist Joy Reid calls it GREED and NEED.

It appears that Donald Trump is now an asset to Russia. Watch it unfold. Don’t be naive.


Americans are going to have to show the world that we value democracy more than we value money. And, we are going to have to make this statement to the world through how we handle the corrupted power of Donald Trump over our precious democratic Republic.

THIS is how IDEAS control what the “Real World” becomes.



The ideas of Hamilton or Jefferson? Which will prevail in our Republic? YOU will choose our common destiny, readers and citizens, through what you choose to do about Donald Trump.

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God’s Hand

All I can confirm as truth regarding the damage having been done to our nation through the presidency of Donald Trump is what I have found true in my own life, which may also apply to the spiritual healing of our nation as well as the other nations and all of the people of this planet:

God can take the negatives and turn them into positives spiritually in ways we cannot imagine, in the moment. It is only years after the negatives have occurred that we can look back and see God’s hand in creating a deepening soul in a person who has experienced the pain, and perhaps that truth will be true for the nations of our world, or at least for the people who inhabit those nations, over time and in retrospect.

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