“God Has Already Embraced Us.”

Below are my comments in reaction to the article posted by Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist and blogger, Jay Bookman: (Link:

“Two points based on your words this morning, Jay Bookman:

(1) Bookman: ‘And who knows, maybe they’re right. It is not given us to know the mind of God, and maybe that mind is indeed that mischievous to the point of maliciousness.’

I do not know where that perception comes from, Jay, except from the depths of your own mind and experiences. This is an ongoing unfolding, and we are only in the middle of it, not the end. In the meantime, I appeal to you, as well as to all of your readers, to remember what Jesus said of his Father, God: ‘God is love.’ There is no way that love can be equated with ‘mischievous to the point of maliciousness.’ I think that, in your bitterness, you are lashing out at our Creator. Look within. He is love.

(2) Bookman: ‘If instead a blue wave washes over the country, that parade will take on a much different tone, as will Washington itself in the months and years ahead. We get to choose, and the time of that choosing is almost upon us.’

As I wrote above, this is an ongoing process in America’s spiritual and chronological history. It does not start with a ‘Blue Wave’ in November. It started with the appointment of Bush I into the presidency by the Supreme Court in the year 2000. It further unfolded with the election of Barack Obama as a reaction to the policies of George W. Bush. The American people had a critical choice to make in November of 2016, and they did not choose well when they elected Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. I had warned on your blog that that would be a perilous decision. You are correct that this particular ‘choosing is almost upon us,’ but it is only an ongoing segment in the spiritual unfolding of what America will become. That choice is ours, and it is our spiritual consciousness, not the Mind of God, that will determine our fate. God will forever be love. It is up to us to decide when we will fully embrace God. He has already embraced us.”

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The Emerging New World Under Trump

I posted the following on Jay Bookman’s blog on June 13, 2018. Link: https://politics.myajc.com/blog/jay-bookman/opinion-rip-gop/5GwjiXo4fXJSbXHqtcBJFL/


The (cult) fever will break, in time. This phenomena is a result of the South going with the Republican Party instead of the Dixiecrat Democrats when racism shifted to the Republican Party from the Democratic Party in the 1960s under LBJ.

Racism has always been a part of the United States of America from the time we were still colonies, and it was hidden under dark rocks until recently when its ugly underbelly has been showing up to the light because of the blatant racism (and sexism, by the way) expressed by Donald Trump. I think it is better to be out in the open than festering under those dark rocks. This way, it has a chance of joining in with the Light of enlightenment of others instead of remaining in the stealthy Darkness.

Here is something else I have been pondering, lately. I think that racists (and sexists)have little imagination for a new world invented through our better angels. Usually, as I have observed, they only see the present and what is temporarily before there eyes. In other words, the dreamer, as epitomized in the states of consciousness of Jefferson, Kennedy, Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr., can see well into the world’s evolutionary process to a better America, and a better world, based on spiritually understood egalitarianism. The pragmatists of our nation, including Alexander Hamilton (who was the opposite of a racist), Lincoln (who was both pragmatist and idealist), FDR (who was both), James Baldwin, and LBJ (who was both) are more attuned to the here and now than the future, at least in terms of the long-ranged philosophical future of our nation and world.

Perhaps, dark as he is, America needs both the mind of Trump and the mind of Obama and their differing followers at this time in our history to put the American Experiment together for all people, here and throughout the world. We are not simply all Light or all Darkness. We are not simply all Enlightenment nor all Pragmatism. We do not live in Heaven now; we exist on Earth, and America has always been a leader in forging through the Darkness into the Light. God does work in mysterious ways, even through Donald Trump, as long as Barack Obama’s vision for our nation and world remains more substantial than Trump’s, just as Jefferson’s vision has stood the test of time to remain more substantial to America than the gifts of Alexander Hamilton were to America, important as they were in matters of the pragmatism of the world, of the limited present.”

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Doing Away with Pre-existing Protection in Medical Insurance

I posted the following on Jay Bookman’s blog on June 14, 2018. Link: https://politics.myajc.com/blog/jay-bookman/opinion-the-war-health-insurance/TRZIeR6MfX2Qrmbv4tsDZJ/

“If pre-existing protection is removed from Obamacare, that pre-existing protection will disappear from the private insurance market, altogether, very quickly. My son-in-law has battled a serious pre-existing condition since he was 16 years of age. He is now 43. That decision would probably kill him as well as my daughter because of the stress associated with a deterioration of his health, as a result of such weak medical insurance which would ensue. That would mean I would no longer have any immediate family.

Most conservative Republicans have long held that they are Christians and liberal Democrats are not. I do not see it. Stop testifying that you are a Christian with your words and your Bible verses if you support this degree of inhumanity to mankind. We, as Christians, must never be so cynical as to declare that every person must look out for number one, alone. Donald Trump has done that all of his life. He is no Christian in my book and neither are his followers, whatever they choose to label themselves.

Thank you very much for this column, Jay Bookman.”

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Where is America Heading?

MaryElizabethSings (as I posted on Jay Bookman’s blog on June 7, 2018, Link: https://politics.myajc.com/blog/jay-bookman/opinion-checks-balances/daxruXdXP8t6GW7NRaigSI/):

“As I see it and have voiced before, Trump’s blatant anti-Americanism, in combination with Obama’s previous “leading from behind” political philosophy of creating a more egalitarian world whereby one nation, such as the U.S., will no longer dominate, are together going to produce a new order in the world in which all nations will come to realize that “all are created equal” on Earth, an egalitarian concept upon which America was built.

In the 21st century and beyond, viewing others in terms of hierarchical power is going to be counter-productive for the continued existence of humankind. We will all work together as equals on this planet to solve our common problems, or we will die together as fools (of a hierarchical perception of reality). Last sentence: paraphrasing of a spiritual and philosophical vision voiced by MLK, Jr.”

Another Poster to Mary Elizabeth:

Cue Lennon’s “Imagine.”

And pass the bong.

Where has this happened anywhere in the history of planet earth?


Mary Elizabeth’s response to that poster’s comment, above:

“John Lennon wrote that when he was in kindergarten, he realized that he was different. He realized that he saw the world “in a hallucinatory way” that others did not. I understand much of the mind/spirit of John Lennon, and I have always felt myself to have seen the world in an abstract way as many others have not, from my childhood even until the present day.

That does not mean that what I see, and what Lennon saw (separately, of course), will not have validity, in time.”

Also, the below:

Mary Elizabeth Sings:

“From The NYTimes this evening at 6:41 pm:

‘. . . But rarely — if ever — has there been the kind of visceral and unanimous outrage at an American president among the nation’s most important allies, who for decades have seen the closest of relationships with the leader of the free world as a paramount foreign policy priority.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly poked his counterparts in the eye — ignoring their pleas to remain a part of the Paris climate treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact and the Iran nuclear deal, and more recently by branding their steel and aluminum industries threats to national security, and therefore subject to tariffs. . . . ‘ ”


The same poster above, asks this question of Mary Elizabeth:

“Why would you want to continue the Obama ‘Make America a Doormat’ initiative?”

Mary Elizabeth answers that poster’s question with the following comments:

“I don’t see Obama’s vision for our future world interactions to mean that he wants to make America a ‘doormat’ to other nations. I believe that Obama’s vision for America and the world would make America a moral leader of the world through the humility of ‘leading from behind.’

In the beginning of our nation’s formation, Gen. George Washington gave human beings throughput the world the model for the servant leader that Obama tried to establish. Washington, unlike every other military leader who had won a glorious military victory, did not declare himself to be ruler of America. Instead Washington resigned from power (through his democratic vision for America) and returned to his home at Mt. Vernon to become again a private citizen, and thereby won the respect of leaders throughout the world. That, too, took genuine humility.

Donald Trump is the spiritual opposite of both Obama and Washington, and he is gathering no moral authority for America throughout the world.”

In fact, Donald Trump is creating disrespect for America throughout the world.”

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God vs. Science

Here are my thoughts on the existence of God and the belief in science, as they interconnect:

The tenets of science have always been in existence and so has belief in God. It is man’s understanding of the nature of God, and of our Universe, that has been, and always will be, limited.

Who our Creator is is forever evolving in enlightened minds, just as the discoveries of science are being ever revealed.

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Corruption in the American Soul Could Destroy America according to Adams and Jefferson

I made the following comments on AJC opinion columnist Jay Bookman’s blog on April 12, 2018: (Link: https://politics.myajc.com/blog/jay-bookman/opinion-all-drink-the-poisoned-chalice/hpc9rM6z16QS9gOZ2WynNP/ )

“I agree with the analysis of Jay Bookman’s opinions, above; however, being almost a generation older than Bookman, I disagree with his timeline assessment. This corruption of the American soul started well before Newt Gingrich, imo. Gingrich was a product of the popularity in our nation of personal greed at the expense of the common good. Please notice the dates in the cut and paste I am sharing here:

‘Norquist is best known for founding Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) in 1985, which he says was done at the request of then-President Ronald Reagan.[18] Referring to Norquist’s activities as head of ATR, Steve Kroft, in a 60 Minutes episode that aired on November 20, 2011, claimed that ‘Norquist has been responsible, more than anyone else, for rewriting the dogma of the Republican Party.’

Norquist was actually a volunteer for Richard Nixon’s campaign for the presidency in 1968 when he was only 12 years old. Norquist is a Harvard graduate with a MBA. This collective consciousness of looking out for Number One before anyone else, as reflected in how we spend our financial resources as a nation (and states within it) has culminated in the election of Donald Trump, a businessman with a Narcissistic instability in looking out for himself above all others, rather than for the common good of the citizens of America, as a whole. That has been almost 50 years in the making (and was not simply the creation of Norquist or Gingrich, obviously), and I have lived through this perverted change in the American soul. Next, I will post some reflections of John Adams on this subject, when he and others were forming our nation, related to this issue of the corruption of the American soul and our nation’s possible demise, as a result. (My source is the latest book I am reading on Adam and Jefferson, entitled “Friends Divided” by historian Gordon S. Wood.
This book goes into the details of how much influence Adams had in ways like giving the model to most of the colonies in 1776 for creating a Bicameral Legislature in their various states. He was such a pragmatist and historian. Adams also greatly admired Jefferson’s brilliant intellectual mind.


From the book by historian and Pulitzer Prize winner, Gordon S. Wood, “John Adams and Thomas Jefferson: Friends Divided,” published by Penguin Press, New York, 2017, pages 114 – 115:

“Adams’s republicanism was liberal and enlightened, not narrowly classical. Certainly neither Adams nor Jefferson was so enamored of antiquity that either believed that an individual belonged solely to the political community and that human flourishing could be achieved only within that political community. Their republicanism was not incompatible with the need to protect individual rights from an overweening government. Yet both Adams and Jefferson were classically educated enough to know that republics required sufficient virtue in the character of their citizens to prevent corruption and eventual decay. For this reason, they both knew that republics were very fragile politics, and always had been throughout history. A republic, said Adams, ‘is productive of every Thing, which is great and excellent among Men. Buts its Principles are as easily destroyed as human Nature is corrupted.’ Jefferson agreed.

Americans, he (Adams) said had to anticipate ‘a time, and that not a distant one, when corruption in this, as in the country from which derive our origins (Great Britain), will have seized the heads of government, and be spread by them through the body of the people.’

Although Jefferson tended to see the corruption coming from the government while Adams believed it more likely inherent in human nature, both patriots knew that republics demanded far more MORALLY from their citizens than monarchies did of their subjects. In monarchies, where authority flowed from the top down, each man’s desire to do what was right in his own eyes could be restrained by patronage or honor, by fear or force. In republics, however, where authority came from below, from the people themselves, each citizen must somehow be persuaded to sacrifice his personal desires for the sake of the public good. In their purest form republics had no adhesives, no bonds holding their societies together, except their citizens’ voluntary patriotism and willingness to obey public authority. Without virtue and self-sacrifice, republics would fall apart.

Did America have this ‘positive Passion for the public Good,’ this kind of virtue? That was the question that Adams anxiously asked himself as he outlined his plan of government. . . . .”

When I read this last night, I thought of how much vision and insight both Adams and Jefferson had regarding how fragile our nation would become without authentic morality and virtue in the majority of our citizens. This corruption of selfishness in the American soul has been 50 years in the making, from my observations, and we will lose our republic if we do not see this, and change toward saving our republic from within, by seeing into the depths of corruption at hand and by “excising it from the body politic” of America.

(NOTE: CAPS, above, are mine.)

Who epitomizes corruption in the soul of a powerful politician more than does Donald Trump? His followers, who worship personal power and wealth, must see the light of how their limited and self-oriented consciousness, alone, could destroy this nation.

As Jefferson wrote and stated, over and over again, for a democracy to survive, its entire populace must be educated. Jefferson did not mean educated by corporate- controlled charter schools for personal wealth. He meant educated enough to have an intellectual understanding of the foibles in all human nature and how the rich and powerful could easily manipulate the poor masses, unless those masses were educated in more than simply job skills.

Republicans have been trying to destroy traditional public education as ‘government schools’ for at least 25 years and the lack of financial resources we now see, even in terribly worn out textbooks, is abominable, as a result of their rabid ideology which wants to destroy ‘government’ resources to make life better for citizens.”


My response to a poster’s comment:

“I have never seen Monticello. This is a journey I MUST make before I die to Virginia to see. It is a miracle that Jefferson, who died penniless, had his home restored early by a Jewish family, not only for themselves while they lived, but also for posterity. I see this gift on their part as spiritual KARMA, coming from God because Jefferson, more than any other Founding Father, was THE ‘Architect of American Liberty,’ as Professor Boles’ book is named.

What one sees of Monticello, now, as I have read, is the vision Jefferson always had for it in his mind for his completed home. He spent his lifetime building that homestead to what it is today. He wanted it to be the epitome of the best of education that America had to offer its citizens, and by that I mean he designed and made it into what it became through his knowledge of architecture, the arts and sciences of which he learned in Europe (and from where he brought back much furniture, paintings, sculptures, books, various artifacts) as well as in his massive readings so that Americans could see that a home could be a place for entertaining others with interests of the mind, more than simply social occasions. Of course, he wanted to enjoy it for itself while he lived but he only completed it about 15 years before he died and he lived to be 82, as I recall. ‘The glory lies in the struggle or journey, not in the prize or destination.’ (quote from my mountain grandfather)”

Another poster’s comment to Mary Elizabeth:

“There are some neat inventions in the house, you have probably read about them.”

Mary Elizabeth’s response to that poster’s comment, above:

“I can hardly wait to see Monticello, walk its corridors, and reflect on the mind and soul, if not the ghost, of Jefferson. 🙂 )

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My Farewell Words to AJC Conservative Columnist, Kyle Wingfield

These words words originally posted on Kyle Wingfield’s final column with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as its conservative opinion writer:

“Kyle, although our political philosophies differ, I want you to know that I wish you Godspeed in your new position. You have been an intelligent opinion writer and a person of integrity. We are both Christians, and I believe that someday, the Holy Spirit will find a way to have our differing political philosophies work together in harmony for His purposes. I hope that the Lord will continue to bless you and your family. My very best wishes to you in your long life, ahead.”

– AND –

“A final thought from me for Kyle Wingfield and for the readers of his AJC blog:

My political philosophy, which leans liberal, has had its genesis in my spiritual beliefs which are the core of who I am.

The below is from one of my own blog entries, entitled, “The Interconnection and Mutual Survival of All Life on Earth,” posted originally on April 25, 2017.

“The people of the world seem to have a collective consciousness as well as an individual consciousness.

Brexit is the same symbol of holding to one’s own, even perhaps in being superior to others. I am not sure about the superiority. I am sure about the fear of losing one’s self-survival and the need for protecting it.

The following is a summation of two differing polarizations of thought which I have thought about and weighed since childhood:

–The pull for self-survival vs. the pull toward helping our neighbors–

That philosophical dichotomy is as old as humankind, and, currently, the world’s consciousness is leaning toward protecting one’s self.

The irony is that now, in the world’s evolution, we will not survive individually unless we commit ourselves to the survival of all the other life on Earth, as well as our own lives. We are that interconnected today. Some of us see that, and have seen that, for some time. Others have yet to learn it.

God truly works in mysterious ways. We do better spiritually and intellectually if we simply see what is occurring and leave the judging of others, and of ourselves, to our Creator.”

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