“The Arc of Southern History”

On Sunday, November 22, 2015, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist shared the following perceptions he has had regarding “The Arch of Southern History,” on his blog.  Below is my post which I was inspired to write by his insightful words:

“Excellent writing, Jim.  Excellent.

You have inspired me to share a bit of my Southern history and my perceptions.  My father was a big fan of JFK, which was unusual for a Southerner in the 1960s.  The same question asked of you about being a black supporter would have been asked by practically all white Southerners of the 1960s.  I know now that it was not simply a matter of racial prejudice that prompted that question in most white Southerners at that time and place but that it was, instead, a fear of expanding one’s consciousness and of being perceived as ‘different’ from an abased norm.

Patience has never been a strong virtue in me, except for my teaching gifts. (I had exceptional patience with my students, thousands of them, which sprang from a deep love of the young.)  At 20, I did not have the patience to remain in the South with its cruel and limited consciousness toward other human beings.  I headed for NYC’s East Village where I remained, married to my first husband, until I returned to Georgia, seven years later.

I still have little patience with cruel and limited consciousness, which can exist any place and any time in history.  One has to have a deep connection to the love in our Creator to grow in consciousness and to disregard the opinions of those who have not yet moved far into that moral arc of the Universe which He, alone, controls and determines through us, in our willingness to grow toward the Godhead.”





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Hillary Clinton’s Comprehensive Plan for Defeating Terrorism, November/2015

I posted the following comments on “Political Insider” of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on November 20, 2015:

For those readers and posters who are serious about understanding the mind, force, and value of Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States, I urge you to listen to this speech she made this past week before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.  It is well worth listening to her full speech of a little over an hour regarding her comprehensive plan for defeating terrorists in our world today when she is President.  She builds a solid and comprehensive foundation.  Her strength of purpose is obvious.


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The Enlightened Mind of President Obama

I posted the following comments on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman’s blog, today, November 18, 2015:

“Few people, let alone few world leaders, understand the reasons behind President Obama’s decision to stay his course relative to the Syrian crisis and the ISIS crisis.  President Obama has internalized, after decades of thought, what it will take on the world’s stage to create lasting peace on this planet.  The evolution of his mind is far beyond that of the John McCains and the Lindsey Grahams of this world, not to mention that of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, etc.

Those who want Obama to change his course have no idea that the world is on the brink of establishing a new way of handling those who are destructive to others, while also being self-destructive.  It may take decades longer for the world to understand his vision and insights, but I hope he has the strength to stay his course for I know of no one else on the world’s stage presently who perceives in such a far-reaching way as Obama.  He has the opportunity here, by his actions of being true to his own conscience, to change the course of history for the better.

NOTE: To those Republican Governors who refuse to take in Syrian refugees, I simply say that that is not the American spirit I know.  It is a decision full of politics, fear, and selfishness.  But, I have seen that selfishness in conservatives in America, operative for nearly a half century now.  Shameful.”




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Comparison of Instructional Delivery to Medical Delivery

On The Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog entitled, “Get Schooled,” I wrote the following comments on November 17, 2015:

“There always has been, and will always be, a wide range of student achievement within each grade level.  That is because each student will have a different set of impacting circumstances, including his/her variant ability levels.  This is no surprise to those who are in education.  The labeling of various permutations of achievement per grade levels will vary over the decades, but the educational/instructional phenomenon remains the same regarding a wide range of functioning levels of students within each grade level demarcation.

The more the public is aware of this fact, the more thoroughly, and with greater depth and insight, citizens will understand k -12 instructional phenomena.  The essential way to improve public school results in elementary through secondary schools is to address precisely the instructional levels whereby each student will be able to absorb instructional skills and concepts at his/her correct placement, and optimal pacing, to achieve 90% mastery on the curriculum continuum in all subject areas, k – 12.

(Hopefully, in the future, educational/instructional delivery to individual students will become as sophisticated as medical delivery is presently to individual patients.)”

Another Poster’s Response To Me: “You don’t deliver medical treatment to thirty patients at one time.”

My Response to that Poster: “Of course, you do not.  However, there are instructional ways to better address the instructional variances to which I was referring than are being practiced presently, without undue stress or additional work for teachers.  Instructional delivery knowledge (including placement precision, large and small group instructional techniques) is essential to address these variances with effectiveness, however.  I spent 25 years in instructional leadership teaching other teachers how to accomplish that, with ease.”
Post Script:  On November 18, 2015, I added these comments on “Get Schooled”:
“Hopefully, the technological age is just beginning so that, in the near future, the standardized test score results of students can be immediately transferred to computers which teachers can pull up immediately and, thus, see the student’s complete academic developmental history immediately in order to plan effectively – just as physicians can now pull up immediately each of his/her patient’s medical developmental history in order to better diagnose individual medical difficulties and prescribe effective, individual remedies.”



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Economic Boom and Bust

Today another poster posted the following remarks about America’s present economic status on AJC columnist Jay Bookman’s blog.  That poster’s words giving facts and my words giving theory follow:


Another poster: “Hillary Clinton received another piece of good news to head into the weekend with: a stellar jobs report.

The Labor Department announced Friday that the U.S. economy added 271,000 jobs in October, pushing the unemployment rate down to 5%. To put that figure in perspective, the last time the jobless rate was 5% was in April 2008 — when Clinton and then-Sen. Barack Obama were battling for the Democratic nomination for president. At the end of Obama’s first year in office, the unemployment rate peaked at 10% in October 2009.

The most striking bright spot in Friday’s report was wage growth. After remaining stubbornly stagnant, average hourly earnings rose 2.5% — the best gain since 2009.”

My Response:

“Republicans will find a way to spin that economic truth to a negative.  They do not seem to have the courage to look truth square in the face and vote accordingly.
Speaking of Pride before the Fall, the Republican Pride is so great that they would rather put all Americans in line for another economic crash than admit that Democrats usually have solved the economic problems Republicans have created.  ‘Trickle Down’ has been a disaster because it causes the economy to shrink to an economic field in which only the very wealthy thrive (for a while).  On the other hand, Middle class economic growth is the answer for everyone – rich and poor alike.
‘I will buy the goods you are selling,’ and vice versa, when the economy thrives – from the middle class, outward, to all.”

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Politics, Parents, and Poor School Discipline

On AJC columnist and blogger Maureen Downey’s “Get Schooled” blog, I wrote the open letter to parents in response to the remarks of another poster on November 5, 2015:


“If a student refuses to obey a directive from the teacher to leave the classroom, from the principal to leave the classroom, and from the resource officer to leave the classroom, all of the other students have observed the power play at work.  Teachers and principals must have some leverage in classroom control.  Did you see the violent physical way that the resource officer ended up forcing the student out of her desk?  That may be worthy of a lawsuit, but sliding a desk of a student who will not obey an authority figure to leave a classroom out of the classroom is not worthy of a lawsuit because the student’s infraction was severe enough to demand control.  Your thoughts would further make teachers and principal ineffective in controlling classroom behavior.

Parents, be careful for which you wish for you may be creating a monster in lack of discipline in our public schools. That recalcitrant student needed to be shown who had the ultimate control in the teacher’s classroom and the other students needed to know that also, not through violence but through isolation.  If the student suffers emotional damage because she had put herself in a position to be isolated, then she had created her own isolation and humiliation by her stubborn refusal to recognize that the teacher has the right to control the order of her classroom so that all students will be served well through instruction in a harmonious atmosphere.


Teachers may need to work together for the right to an authentic teacher’s union in this state in order to regain classroom control. What is happening now is totally unacceptable in the schools’ administrations collectively being afraid to address class disciplinary problems, when addressing them is obviously called for, from fear of parental disapproval.

All 35 students in a regular classroom should not have to remove themselves from a classroom because of the willfulness of one recalcitrant student. Setting that extreme precedent for handling disciplinary problems would be far more dangerous to the students’ safety throughout the school than isolating the one disobedient student.  There is not enough space in the school building to remove 35 students from all classes in the school building when one student of 35 in every classroom will not respect the directives of the teacher, the principal, nor the school’s resource officer.”



On another thread, on the same blog, on the same day, and next, I wrote these words regarding the political power of educators in Georgia:
“This Educational Reform Commission was chosen by Republicans in power in Georgia.  If you want to return to the days when governors like Gov. Zell Miller were supporting public education financially, then you MUST elect Democrats to public office in Georgia.  The ideological agenda of Republicans is to dismantle traditional public education, in Georgia and throughout these United States. Be aware. Be politically active.”

“. . . teachers have political power in this state when they stick together.  It has gotten so bad for teachers that  working toward real teachers’ unions in Georgia should be seriously considered.  First step, vote out of office state Republican politicians, and vote into power in this state, representatives of the NEW Democratic Party, the People’s Party, in Georgia.”


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Teachers’ Unions Needed in Georgia

On November 4, 2015, I wrote the following words on the AJC blog, “Get Schooled”:

“A teachers’ union that has power is needed for Georgia’s teachers.  The first step is to elect more Democratic legislators in this state.  Republican – status quo – legislators will not be inclined to change Georgia’s ‘right to work’ laws (carry over of paternalism). Then, that law must be changed.  Teachers have the right to demand an adequate teaching environment, including quick attention given by administrators for discipline problems, as well as health insurance benefits which are satisfactory, and retirement pensions – not 401ks – when they are seniors, as I am.  Teachers have intelligence and moral courage.  They must exercise it in Georgia to demand the respect – through fighting for real Teachers’ Unions – that is not afforded to them, otherwise.”

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